2017 Small Business REVOLUTION™

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December 10, 2015
August 12 Seminars have been cancelled-please check back
August 10, 2017

2017 Small Business REVOLUTION™

WHERE: Hyatt Regency Suites Atlanta Northwest
2999 Windy Hill Road, just EAST of I-75 North at Exit 260 (MAP)

WHEN: SATURDAY, July 15, 2017 9am to 12:00​, Free Light Snack @ Noon, plus 2 TECHNOLOGY BONUS SESSIONS 1-3pm.  ALL SEATS ARE $69 per person.



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John & Marjorie Adams say:  
                        About two years ago, our longtime office manager retired. We sold the office building, and moved our entire real estate business into the cloud. Then we hired a virtual assistant to handle our internet marketing, social media, data entry, research and daily administrative tasks like bookkeeping and email review. As a direct result of these moves, we have truly experienced a ...


​The reason to pursue WEALTH, in my opinion, is to grant you FREEDOM.  


  1. Live the lifestyle you want.  Free up your calendar so you have more time to concentrate on the big picture and actually make more while doing less. 
  2. Get more done in less time.  Spend more time with family, friends, & what really matters to you!
  3. Retain & renew existing and forgotten clients while creating a constant stream of new business.

We will teach you how to make all this possible, and much more, through ONLINE MARKETING. And this is the topic of our 2017 SMALL BUSINESS REVOLUTION.  This seminar will be led by JOHN ADAMS and his TECHNOLOGY STRIKE TEAM!
The class from 9 am until 12 noon qualifies for 3 hours CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT. The bonus sessions from 1 - 3pm have NOT yet been submitted for CE. 

Online marketing is the act of getting your name in front of potential clients on the internet.

It’s about becoming an authority in your zip code or city. Clients prefer doing business with those that have a proven track record. In order to get a proven track record you have to appear to be one of the top professionals in your area. You have to be trustworthy and transparent. That means showing up at the top of search engines, review sites, and in general being seen. The more a potential client runs across your name as they are searching for information or browsing the web, the more likely they’ll be to eventually navigate to your site and fill out an interest form.

That’s the simple process for how clients are created on the internet. 

Your 2017 Small Business REVOLUTION will show you how to create a consistent online presence for you today, including:

● Web monitoring for topics of interest for YOU
● Your OWN personal website establishing your BRAND
● Social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)
● Commenting on Blogs
● Retargeting ads
● Linkedin Groups
● Twitter @replies
● Content marketing and blogging
● Forum posting
● Search engine optimization
● Video marketing and distribution on YouTube
● Document sharing
● Directories and citations
● Google Hangouts

When you leave this event, you will have a SPECIFIC ACTION PLAN for utilizing technology in ways you never dreamed possible, with tools to assist you every step of the way. 

After we have lunch, those who wish to remain can stay for 2 added bonus TECH MASTERS PRESENTATIONs on HOW TO MASTER GOOGLE and HOW TO MASTER YOUTUBE & VIDEO.  These two sessions have NOT yet been approved for GREC continuing education credit.


As always, your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If, for any reason, this event does not meet your expectations, you will receive a cheerful refund, and we'll still be friends! Fair enough?

QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS EVENT? Call 404.373.6000 and ask for John!


You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!  I promise you will pick up DOZENS of new ideas, tips and strategies that you can begin using right away in your business and your life.

Each attendee will receive a 60 page manual packed with ways to boost your revenues, raise public awareness of your brand, and cut costs while increasing productivity.

Don't miss this event!


Marjorie and I have had a full time virtual assistant in the Philippines now for 2½ years, and we simply could not live without her. She handles all our back office stuff, all of my social media, and does important data harvesting for me.

She goes to work when I do, usually daily at 10am here (10pm there), and works M-F until 7pm Atlanta time (yep, that's 7am there). We communicate all day by chat, phone & Skype. I get a daily written report of work performed.

The company is US based, and requires no contract. You decide when, what, and how much hourly work you want performed. The more hours you want, the cheaper it becomes.

We started off at 10 hours per week, and committed for 4 weeks. I honestly did not think I could keep her busy. After two weeks, we moved to 40 hours/week and have never looked back!

Her name is Angel Mendoza, she's 20 years old, reliable, eager to learn and please, and bright as a new copper penny.

I pay a grand total of $1,287/month for a full time trained, educated and supervised assistant in a custom built air conditioned (very important) call center in Manila, with state-of-the-art computers, high speed internet, generator back-up (power in Manila is often iffy), and a private work space.

If you are interested, I'd love to talk more with you about it.

Angel has transformed my small business from a brick & mortar mom & pop operation to a full blown online internet profit center.

I have no payroll taxes, no office building, no taxes, no insurance, no contributions to FICA, no sick days, no extra computers, no paid vacations, no utilities, no water & sewer & sanitation, and no more weekly lawn care expenses. I don't have to get involved in her personal life, and I host no Christmas parties or lost productivity due to baby showers.

Marjorie and I feel so strongly about this service for entrepreneurs that we have added it to our list of supported products, meaning the folks like you who buy through me get local support from Marjorie & me. That is in addition to the regular ongoing support from the company. In addition, I receive a 10% referral fee (well deserved, if I do say so myself).

We host a private Facebook page for our members only, and offer local Q&A to our members, which they seem to find quite helpful in overcoming the learning curve (yes, there is one). Our webpage is www.Employee99.com and we are just building it now!  Lemme know what you think!

TO LEARN MORE, call 404.373.6000 and say "Tell me about ANGEL!"

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Protect against squatters in Georgia   By John Adams

  • ATLANTA — Squatters can steal your home… if you let them

    If you own a home, you have the right to keep unwanted intruders off your property. You can do this with fences or with signs, or even just by telling a trespasser to keep away. In cases of repeated intrusion, you can call the police, who will usually warn the person to stay away and, if necessary, make an arrest.

    However, there is another kind of intruder, and ignoring the problem can result in actual loss of your ownership!

    Here to explain the issue is real estate expert John Adams:

    Another kind of trespass is more permanent: using another’s property as an owner would use it. A neighbor who puts up a fence two feet over the boundary line is trespassing, and so is a neighbor whose garage has been on your property for several years.

    Question: John, what’s this all about?

    Adams: It’s called Adverse Possession and its is a very real threat to your home.

    You’ll be surprised to learn that, in Georgia, under certain conditions, a trespasser can come onto your property, occupy it, and gain legal ownership through the courts. The legal term for this is “adverse possession.”

    Q: That’s crazy! How can that be?

    A: Through “adverse possession”, a trespasser can gain ownership of just a few feet of property or hundreds of acres. And the trespasser doesn’t need to intend to take the land by adverse possession.

    Sometimes it happens through an honest mistake — for example, a neighbor may have relied upon a faulty property description in a deed when building a fence on your property.

    Q: How does a claim like this end up in court?

    A: Questions about legal ownership of property may arise in various situations, such as in the sale of a house.

    For example, a closing attorney might refuse to issue title insurance when a property is sold when the neighbor’s garage is found to be standing even slightly on the property.

    If questions about ownership of land arise in this type of situation, and the people involved cannot work something out, then the issue may end up in court.

    The property owner may sue the trespasser (for example, the neighbor whose garage is encroaching), or the trespasser may bring a lawsuit to “quiet title”, a request for the court to decide who owns what.

    Q: What are the Legal Requirements for Adverse Possession?

    A: When courts look at adverse possession claims, they typically apply a four-factor test. To qualify as adverse possession, the trespasser’s occupation of the land must be:

        • Hostile
        • Actual
        • Open and notorious
        • Exclusive and continuous for a certain period of time

    Q: So what does hostile mean?

    A: In most cases, simply occupying the property is defined as “hostile”.

    Q: Actual?

    A: Typically, the must actually be present and possess the property.

    This can often be established by providing evidence of the squatters efforts to maintain and make improvements to the property.

    Q: What about “open and notorious?”

    A: “Open and notorious” means that it must be obvious to anyone — including the owner who makes a reasonable effort to investigate — that a squatter has occupied his property.

    Examples might even be a neighbor who puts a fence up slightly on your property or who poured a driveway two feet over the boundary line.

    Q: What is Exclusive and Continuous Possession?

    A: The trespasser must possess the land exclusively (that means the trespasser cannot share possession with strangers or the owner) and without interruption for a certain period of time. (That means the trespasser cannot give up use of the property, return to it later, and try to count the time that the property was abandoned as part of the “continuous” possession time period.) The time period required seems to vary by the court deciding the issue.

    Q: So, How can we Prevent Adverse Possession?

    A: Keep an eye on your property. If you suspect that someone has a possible adverse possession claim, check property tax records to see if this person (or anyone else) has made tax payments on the property. To prevent a trespasser from gaining property ownership, you can take the following steps:

        • Post “no trespassing” signs and block entrances with gates. If you can prove you had signs posted, it can only help in court.
        • Give written permission to someone to use your land, and get their written acknowledgment. If you find a squatter, give them your permission in writing. This can defeat adverse possession claims in the future.
        • Offer to rent the property to the trespasser.
        • Call the police and ask for a police report.

    Q: And if all else fails?

    A: You need a lawyer. You may need to file a lawsuit to eject the trespasser from the landlord. You must act before the trespasser has been in possession long enough, under Georgia law, to make a successful adverse possession claim.

You can we learn more about this process at Money99.com for a free SPECIAL REPORT on HOW TO SCREEN RENTAL APPLICANTS in GEORGIA. OK, John will be joining us on our FOX5 FACEBOOK PAGE for a Live Chat for the next 60 minutes to answer your property tax and real estate questions. Just log on the FACEBOOK and go to FOX5 ATLANTA to find the chat.  TAG LINE: Atlanta native John Adams is a broker, broadcaster, and writer who owns and manages residential real estate in the Atlanta area. He answers any and all real estate questions on his award winning radio show every Sunday at 11 a.m. on WGKA 920am. You can contact John through his website at Money99.com.

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