Move In Move Out Form

HUD Move In Move Out Form

MOVE IN: Prior to accepting a security deposit, the landlord shall provide to the tenant a comprehensive list of existing damages at the property. The tenant shall sign the statement indicating acceptance, or, alternatively, provide a written statement to landlord, setting forth those items to which tenant dissents. 
MOVE OUT: Georgia law requires that the landlord inspect the property within three business days after the tenant completely vacates the property and prepare a list of damages (beyond normal wear and tear) and the dollar amounts to be charged to the tenant for those damages. The Tenant may, within five business days after terminating occupancy, inspect the premises to verify the Landlord’s list. Tenant must sign the Landlord’s list or, alternatively, set forth any disagreement to that list in a signed written statement made and delivered to landlord within the five-business-day period following the termination of occupancy. Failing to sign this move-in/move-out inspection form or to provide a signed written dissent within the time provided by Georgia law may result in a forfeiture of the Tenant’s security deposit.
INSPECTION TERMINOLOGY: On this form, the term “OK” does not mean that an item is in perfect condition, merely that the condition is consistent with normal wear and tear and that no damage has been caused by the Tenant. The term “N/A” means that the item is not applicable.