Building Wealth

Three Hours With The Godfather
of Real Estate Investing
In Georgia

​Come let John Adams show you how ordinary folks all over Georgia are making a lot of money in real estate without using their money or credit.

      If you’re not making a lot of money in real estate right now, you’re missing the best opportunity of your lifetime to build wealth. This post-recession market and buying surge has opened doors for both beginning and seasoned investors the likes of which I haven’t seen in my 39 years as a broker. I am sad to say that most people will sleep right through it … and it does not require up front money, credit, experience or a license to get started.

Why Is This Important To You?

It’s simple! If you don’t take action now and get on the bandwagon, the greatest opportunity to build monthly income and create net worth in Real Estate may pass you by before you even know what happened.

I’ve set aside three hours to share these secrets. You’re invited to attend if you truly want to make this year your best year ever and let this economy make you rich. I call this seminar Building Wealth, and the title says it all.

But Who Am I, And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I am Georgia’s leading expert on investing in residential real estate and I want to show you how you can retire comfortably on as few as ten little houses. I did it, hundreds of others are doing it right now, and you can, too! But it requires ACTION on your part.

Over the past 39 years, I have bought, rehabbed, rented and sold literally hundreds of single-family homes, and still do all my own management.

I tell it like it is, and those who follow my system learn how to build wealth, some even become millionaires. I show people the real business of buying and selling real estate with little or no money or credit and how to build a solid retirement quickly with my time-tested, proven and trademarked techniques.

“Well, I acquired my portfolio of 11 rental units, 8 houses and one triplex, over four years in the mid 1990’s while working full time at an aircraft maintenance job.

I’m now 55 years old and they are all, but two, paid in full. I spaced them out to where the tenants, over the years, paid for them as we managed them.

Thank you, John, for developing your system and enabling us to get where we are today.”

 ~ Alan McCracken, Norcross, CA

Here’s A List Of The Sessions
Covered At My Three Hour Building Wealth Seminar

Session I. Where To Find The Best Deals & How to Buy in Metro Atlanta with No Money Or Credit.

You’ll get the best tool I’ve ever used to absolutely ensure you never hurt for deals, regardless of where you live, and it costs pennies to implement. You could be in the middle of a hundred competitors and use this technique to find deals they’d never find, even if they knew where to look.

Better yet, I’ll furnish the virtual assistant for you so they do the work, you just make the decisions.

Today finding deals is very easy. I’ve cracked the code, and we’ll find the deals for you. At the seminar, I’ll show you how to quickly pre-screen them, and I’ll show you how I use non-traditional lending sources to overcome the money problem.

Session II. Making Big Money With Rehabs & Rentals

  • Where the fastest and easiest money is in real estate and how you can get it with NO money, credit or risk on your part. You’ll see how some of my clients and I make consistent paydays of $25,000 or more on each deal and how fast you can quickly duplicate it… and in this one-time-only, exclusive, invitation-only seminar, I’m bringing in a team to call sellers for you and get you a deal while you’re there. More on that in a minute.

  • The 5 keys to success in real estate, and why one out of place will crush your empire.

  • Why the easiest money is made on houses in ugly condition in working class neighborhoods, contrary to conventional wisdom. I’ll prove it to you.

The whole focus is built around the two things that can make you a millionaire but took so long to learn…

“There Are Only Two Things You Must Do To Make Money In Real Estate!”®

You’ll see why it’s not about how hard you work but what you work on. The country is full of hardworking, good people who are broke. Good intentions – lousy results.Session III. Building Your Real Estate Empire using a self-directed SOLO 401(k)-(you keep the checkbook)!

  • Why the Solo 401(k) is the absolute best way to build up retirement funds fast, and how you can borrow against it so that YOU literally become your own bank.

  • Why the ONE HOUSE A YEAR formula works in all markets, up or down, bull market or recession.

  • How you can help folks with rotten credit buy a house even after foreclosure and bankruptcy of the recent recession, and get well paid for it regardless of what happens.

Real estate combined with your retirement account is the key that unlocks the vault. You see, it has nothing to do with your annual contribution or how much money is in your IRA. That’s not the issue. YOU can open a solo 401(k) with the right company and $500, and grow it into a million if you never make another contribution. I know that’s new to you, and you may have a lot of questions. That’s why part of this live seminar is dedicated to it.

More Cool Stuff You’ll Learn…

  • How to buy a million dollars worth of real estate without coming out of pocket with one red cent.

  • How to build a passive income that comes in every month even if you don’t feel like working, or, in fact, even if you are dead.

  • How you can retire comfortably in ten years or less on ten little houses. Your credit is irrelevant because you won’t be using it.

Here’s What You’ll Receive At The Event if you register in advance…

DIGITAL CD – “How To Open Your Own Bank”

We get a lot of questions about retirement vehicles, what to do, what not to do, where do they work, why use them, etc. They’re all answered in this CD in great detail.You’ll also get ANOTHER great CD by making up your mind right now...DIGITAL CD – “How To Buy Real Estate WITHOUT A CONTRACT”

And on top of that, you’ll also get my all time favorite e-book for getting your brain straight...DIGITAL EDITION – “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon HillOK John, How Much?You’ll like this part. The cost online in advance is only $29 for you. But if you will TAKE ACTION, I will let you bring a guest for free. That’s correct. I said $29 for TWO attendees!You get all these bonuses, and me, for less than dinner at Longhorn.

Need a guarantee? Ok, here it is…

Sit through the entire three hours and if you don’t think it was a valuable use of your time, just say so and get a full refund… and keep all the bonuses.

Ok, I know you’re wondering why the Godfather of real estate would teach a whole day for a “Ben Franklin” and why it’s so cheap.

That’s fair, and I’ll give you an honest answer.

First, it’s a market test we’re conducting at least once and I have to be there to get solid results.

Second, I’ll be offering my 3-day INSTITUTE training, consulting, and virtual assistance services there and expect to generate some revenue for the company. That’s right I’ll be selling something. Hope that’s not a big shocker.

Third, we are testing a new “crowd-funding” approach to financing, and I’d like to test it there. So far, it’s a smash hit, but we’ve only had it available for two weeks and want to get the word out.

OK, there you have it. The brutal truth. You’ll find I’m pretty good at telling it like it is.

Now a little bad news. We can only accept 40 attendees at each location, so it’s first come first served.

Registration is $29 online in advance, or $49 at the door if seats are left. And yes, this class is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission for three hours of continuing education credit, so bring your license if you have one.

To register, click the button below.

To Recap, you get…

  • A Half Day Seminar with John Adams

  • Handout of ALL SLIDES for reference

  • Solo 401(K) CD

  • Buying WITHOUT a Contract CD


  • Cash and Prizes


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Your landlord and eviction with real estate expert John Adams

ATLANTA — You’ve been a great renter for the past five years. You always pay your rent — never complain — and you really like the community you live in. You haven’t even talked to the landlord since you moved in, and now you get a “notice of termination,” for no reason whatsoever. Can your landlord get away with that?

Here is the answer with real estate expert John Adams

Q: Can your landlord just wake up one morning and kick you out?
A: Well, the short answer is “yes,” but there are some protections built into Georgia law that we need to talk about.

Q: But that hardly seems fair. I mean, you’ve paid the rent on time and taken good care of the place. What about “fairness” or “loyalty”?
A: Well, fair is a rather subjective term, so let’s look at the facts:

  1. You are a renter. That means you do not own the property in which you live. And the law assumes that you are going to live there for a finite period of time. Thirty years or 30 days, it doesn’t matter, you still don’t own the place.
  2. If you have no lease agreement, and just pay your rent every month, you are considered a “tenant-at-will.” Under Georgia law, the landlord is required to give you a notice of at least 60 days before requiring you to move out. After that, you can be evicted.

Q: So that doesn’t sound like much notice to me.
A: Well, remember this: under this type of arrangement, YOU only have to give the landlord THIRTY days notice and you can move out without any penalty!

Q: Do most folks rent as “tenants-at-will”?
A: No, most renters in Georgia are renting under some form of written lease agreement. That lease will spell out the terms of the relationship between the parties, including how long it will last.

Q: So, why would anyone want to be a “tenant-at-will”?
A: Because it gives them the ability to pack up and move in thirty days, and some folks want (or even need) that flexibility.

Q: OK, let’s get back to the LEASE AGREEMENT. Can the landlord evict a renter for no reason?
A: The answer is still yes, but now there are certain terms and conditions that the landlord and tenant must abide by.

  • For example, most residential leases in Georgia are designed to last one year in duration. That represents a compromise between the landlord and the tenant.
  • The landlord gives up possession of the property for a full year, and in exchange, the renter agrees to pay rent for twelve months in a row. So long as the renter pays the rent on time and doesn’t break the terms of the lease, he gets to stay for exactly twelve month.

Q: What is an example of a term the renter might break?
A: In most leases, renters are forbidden to store explosives on the property. If the landlord discovers your dynamite shed, he can demand that you remove it. If you refuse, he can evict you.

Q: But assuming I follow the rules, is there any way for the landlord to just kick me out?

A: Yes. Every lease agreement has a beginning date and a termination date. It may be for 30 days or it may be for 30 years, but it must have a termination date. And on that date, the landlord will be expecting you to vacate the premises.

Q: What if I want to stay?
A: That’s between you and the landlord. After the termination date, you have no legal right to remain in the premises unless you get an extension or you renew your lease. And the landlord has NO obligation to do either of those things.

Q: Would a landlord ever do that?
A: All the time! For example, let’s say a landlord owns a rental house and rents it to you for 21 consecutive years. You are very happy and want to stay forever. But the owner’s daughter just graduated from college and wants a home of her own. So daddy decides to give her your house. You MUST move on your termination date.

Q: Is that really fair?
A: Yes, I think it is — you know when you signed the lease that you weren’t buying a lifetime stay. And you retain the right to move out if you decide you want to relocate. I think that’s fair.

Q: So, how is the best way to avoid this problem?
A: The solution is to either sign a longer term lease to begin with, or at least contact the landlord several months in advance of your termination date, and go ahead and sign an extension of your lease now.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Just as you have the right to not renew whenever your lease is up, the landlord has the right to not renew for any reason at the end of your lease. If you want permanency, buy your own house!


About the author:

Atlanta native John Adams is a real estate broker, a property manager, an investor, and a lifelong entrepreneur. He invites your questions or comments at, where you will find an expanded edition of this column and additional consumer resources.