2016 Landlord Survival Guide

2015 LLSG Cover 

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John Adams’ Landlord Survival Guide is your comprehensive guide to highly effective residential landlording. John knows it works because he has followed it himself for over two decades. It includes the ALL NEW book and online access to all the forms you’ll need. The Landlord’s Survival Guide for Georgia also includes a complete copy of the Georgia Landlord Tenant Handbook as well as John’s own Killer Lease. John shares with you his techniques to help assure that your Real Estate investment provides you more profit and less trouble. The Lease alone will save you more than the cost of the package on the very first house you rent and John’s techniques will keep on saving you money MONTH AFTER MONTH!

The 2016 version has been modified and updated extensively to reflect recent court decisions related to PREMISES LIABILITY and to address both ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS (e.g. mold & mildew) and enforcing a SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT at your property. These areas were largely unaddressed in prior editions.

“I guarantee that this is the best package ever assembled on landlording, or I’ll give you your money back.” — John Adams

Due to the all-new nature of this Landlord’s Survival Guide, there will be no discounts for previous purchasers.