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I am happy to hear from you.  If you have had success, please send me an email with the details.  If you have a problem, it’s probably best to call the radio show so I can ask you the questions I need to ask in order to help you.

I also enjoy training live groups on real estate topics, and I can visit your office, company or association for training from 15 minutes to full day events. I must charge a fee for speaking and training appearances, but usually can find sponsors to cover all costs.

E-mail John at:

John may use the comment or question you send on his Radio Show (but will not reveal your identity and will protect your privacy).

Phone: 404.373.6000

2 thoughts on “Contact Form”

  1. I believe I read in your column a month ago that Fulton County homeowners do not have to PERSONALLY attend their appeal meeting.
    Is this correct.

    For a long list of reasons I do not wish to meet with the board but I will send them my comments on the non-compatible comps they used to raise my taxes AGAIN>

  2. I have done several undisclosed wraps as recommended by you. I have named myself as a benificiary on the insurance and have power of attorneys from the original seller. However, I have hail damage insurance check and escrow check made out to original owner (since it was an undisclosed wrap, mortgage company does not know of my involvement except my name has been on the mortgage payment checks for the last five years). No bank will cash it, even though I have a power of attorney which states I can cash all checks from mortgage company. How can I cash checks with out disclosing wrap and risk due on sale clause? Thank you.

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