2015 Atlanta Real Estate Academy

As of this moment (friday 9pm), I have 2 seats left. If you want them, go ahead and REGISTER below online and get a confirmation. If u get a confirmation, you are GOOD TO GO.

The 2015 ATLANTA

Saturday, Oct 3rd 9am til 6pm & Sunday 9am til 3pm
Hilton Garden Inn Perimeter Center (click for MAP)

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Investing in Single Family Houses is a proven way to get rich SLOW. By taking a long-term approach to wealth building, you take the time necessary to find the right opportunity with the right financing, make sure you have a good tenant in place quickly, and literally take it one step at a time. The bottom line is this: you can retire comfortably on as few as ten little houses.

The 2015 Atlanta Real Estate Academy Schedule
Saturday, Oct 03, 2010
The Hilton Garden Inn Perimeter Center
Just inside 285 at Ashford Dunwoody

8:00 – 8:25     Introduction – Your Plan for Financial Freedom in Real Estate
8:25 – 8:55     Conventional & Creative Financing for Investors
9:00 – 9:45     How To Make Money In This Market
                  →    The Long Term Hold Strategy
→    Find, Fix-up & Sell Quickly
10:00 – 10:45   Identifying Bargain Properties in this Market
                  →    HUD Auctions, MLS & Bank Resales, HomeVestors
11:00 – 11:45   Unconventional 30 year Fixed Rate Investor Financing
12:00 – 12:45   Real Estate Contract Overview
1:00 – 2:00 LUNCH
2:00 – 2:45     Real Estate LLC, Asset & Liability Protection
3:00 – 3:45     Performing A CMA & Estimating Repairs
4:00 – 4:45     CASH: Savings, IRA, Improving Value
5:00 – 5:45     Your Call To Action – Now You Know!

Sunday, Oct 04, 2015
9:00 Depart for Tour of Homes
12:00 LUNCH
1:00 In Class Review of Properties
2:00 Write Contracts


By investing in single family houses, you lower your risk and boost your chances of success. Most apartment dwellers hope to live in a house one day, and most renters hope to own a house one day. It’s the American Dream, and it’s BACK in metro Atlanta! We will cover a complete review of the current real estate market and how to recognize the best opportunities. Then on Sunday morning at 9am, we’ll jump in a bus and tour TWENTY Off-Market Single Family Homes.

(If you attend Saturday and cannot be there Sunday, we will provide you with a video of the houses and the discussions afterward).

Each house is renovated, tenant occupied, and in a fast appreciating area.

AND we will connect you with a source for private 30 year fixed rate investor financing. These houses are NOT in the MLS, NOT listed with any agent, they do NOT have a FOR SALE sign in the yard.

After we see the houses, we’ll sit down together, discuss the opportunity, and write offers.

I want to buy a few of these houses, but I can’t take all of them. Marjie has threatened to divorce me if I buy more than two, and I’m too old to start over. No, I am not kidding.

I fully expect all twenty houses to be UNDER CONTRACT with 30 year private fixed rate financing pre-approved by 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

HERE’s the PLAN:

REAL ESTATE ACADEMY (by invitation only)

Saturday, Oct 3rd 9am til 6pm

Sunday, Oct 4th, 9am til 3pm


Registration is $199 per person, and each registrant may bring one guest for $50

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (send us an email if you want to add a guest – CustomerCare@money99.com)

Registration includes 8 hours classroom time, full manual, 7 hours of real estate continuing education credit and a chance to buy one or more of these remarkable OFF MARKET homes.


I have limited seating in the classroom and on the bus. I personally guarantee that this program will meet and exceed your expectations, or I will cheerfully refund your registration fee. Let ME take the risk on this one.

If you are sitting there saying: “should I do this or not” then I dare you to call me at 404-373-6000 and lets talk about your situation. You need 1) a desire to make a great 5 year or longer investment, 2) a credit score of 640 or better, and 3) a desire to build long term net worth. Self directed IRA investments will work GREAT with this opportunity.

John Adams


My metro Atlanta seminars this week have all been postponed. Please accept my personal apology. I promise to make it up to you.

The good new is this: I am putting together a day long REAL ESTATE INVESTORS INSTITUTE at EMORY UNIVERSITY for Saturday, October 3, from 9am til 5pm including a bus tour of homes that we already have available for purchase with financing in place, and you will be invited at a super discounted price. CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR now.

I promise you will hear a lot more about this soon.

Selling By Owner vs. Using An Agent

John Adams column for 20-SEPT-2015
Power Selling Moves To Market Your Home
by John Adams

The topic of whether or not you should use an agent is a prickly one.

I’d like to think I see both sides of the issue, but I will leave that for you to decide. If I receive an equal number of complaints from agents and laymen, I’ll know then that I have succeeded. So here goes.

Anyone who says that it is a complete waste of time and money to attempt to sell their own home “by owner” is simply wrong.

Likewise, anyone who says professional real estate practitioners do not provide a valuable and needed service in exchange for a reasonable fee is also simply wrong.

From my perspective, the informed consumer is well advised to consider both paths to the same destination, then make a decision as the which path makes the most sense in their particular situation.

First, a quick look at the FOR SALE BY OWNER path:

* It is possible (but highly unlikely) that you can put a sign in your yard this afternoon and sell your home for full price with no commission is one day. I have actually seen it happen.

* But that scenario is rare. More commonly, a really quick sale indicates an asking price that is well below market value. Not exactly what you had in mind, huh?

* Realistically, it usually takes a lot more than putting a “for sale” sign in the front yard to get your house sold at a fair price and closed. There is a multitude of details and steps that must be completed, and “there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip”.

* Remember that about forty percent of our buyers in metro Atlanta are relocating here for works, and it is unlikely they will see your sign. Instead, it is much more likely they will call an agent to assist them in finding the right house, not including yours.

* If you have no experience in buying or selling real estate, and unless you are a marketing oriented and experienced lawyer, you probably have no business trying to sell your home yourself.

* And even if you have done this several times before and feel comfortable with the process, it will likely take you several months to gain a full exposure to the current market of buyers. Yes, you can offer to pay a “finders fee” to an agent who shows and sells your house, but that sort of defeats your purpose, doesn’t it?

* All that being said, if you are comfortable with the process, have a marketing orientation, and you have plenty of time to get your home sold, you have my blessing to give it a try. If you do follow this path, I strongly recommend that you (at least) have an appraiser help with pricing and have a real estate attorney on standby to assist in writing a contract and holding earnest money.

Now, let’s look at listing your home with a full service real estate broker:

* The agent will evaluate your home prior to listing, provide a price opinion and a complete marketing plan, utilizing the internet, social media, and traditional advertising strategies to expose your home to the widest possible universe of prospective buyers.

* The agent will handle all communications with prospects, freeing you to live your life, and is trained to assist you in negotiation to your advantage. The agent is knowledgeable in current lending procedures and can assist the prospect in evaluating and choosing a reputable lender, insurer, inspector and any other player who may be needed to complete the transaction.

* The agent is not an attorney, and can not give you legal advice. But they are trained extensively in the use of attorney-prepared contract forms and stipulation forms, and can answer common questions regarding them.

* The agent is trained to keep the transaction “on track” between the date of contract and the date of settlement, making sure that all contingencies are satisfied and that both buyer and seller understand their obligations and complete them on a timely basis.

* Finally, the agent will attend the closing with you, explaining common costs appearing on the settlement statement, and making sure your net proceeds are just what you expected.

Does all that work entitle the agent (or more precisely, his or her broker) to be paid a fee for services rendered? In my opinion, it does. How much of a fee? That is a matter for you to negotiate independently with each broker you interview.

One of the great improvements in the real estate brokerage business over the past forty years is the ability of the consumer to select services offered by real estate brokers on a “cafeteria” basis. In other words, you are no longer bound to accept a traditional “full service full commission” broker, and can shop and compare based on services you feel you need.

It’s up to each individual broker to decide how they wish to offer their services to you.

But in the end, it’s up to you, as an informed consumer, to educate yourself on the home selling process, shop and compare services and fees among various vendors, and finally choose what level of assistance, if any, you want to pay for.

Both paths can lead to the same destination – the journey is up to you.